Got a Question?  Feel free to ask.

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions


  1. Are all your buildings available for Rent-to-Own?
    • All of the standard buildings are available for Rent-to-Own.  Special orders may require a cash purchase.  If the customer intends to alter the building with construction or painting it will need to be a cash purchase.
  2. Do I need good credit?
    • At Derksen, we offer our customers the option to buy or rent to own with NO CREDIT CHECK!
  3. How do I make my rent-to-own payments?
    • If you choose our rent to own option, all payments should be made to your assigned rental company in accordance with your contract / Rent to Own agreement.  If you have misplaced this information, call 888-623-9829.
  4. How much will my down payment be?
    • Down payments very, but in most cases, buildings wider than 12′ will require additional down payment fees due to wide load hauling restrictions and escort service requirements.
  5. When will I get my new building?
    • A building purchased that is in stock on the lot, usually will take 7-10 days to deliver. If the building purchased has to be manufactured than it will be 14-21 days.  Weather conditions and the demand of the season can alter delivery times.
  6. Is delivery included in the price?